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Endless Beauty Award

The awards ceremony for the reward “Endless Beauty” of Legambiente (Environmental League), in cooperation with Comieco, Symbola and the National Council of Architects, yesterday happened at “La Stecca degli […]

Art to wear: ARTOQUE

Unique pieces as works of art, the ARTOQUE’s pieces, made in Merino wool certified Woolmark, by craftsmen dry-cleaned. The collection consists of unique pieces and numbered in different colors, […]

Espadrillas reborn

Espadrillas are shoes traditionnaly considered as spanish, but first records about are linked to Mauleon, a town situated in the north-west of France. The word espadrillas, in spanish, or espadrilles, using […]


Officinadesign was born in Gambettola and, it’s exactly in this town famous for its printed fabrics and for its “scrap dealers”, that it finds its origin and the inspiration for […]