THE WRITING ART : innovation marries tradition

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THE WRITING ART : innovation marries tradition


The Old Factory Vittorio Martini is a workshop specialized in the production of high precision instruments for drawing and calculating. Combining innovation and tradition , it produces unconventional objects vehiculated by the imperative of quality and convenience.


This family-owned company was founded in 1886 , a time when the first innovations in the field led to the birth of the pen and the quill , the receptacle containing the ink to write .The BIC pen ratified the death of these instruments and released millions of students from the nightmare of the ink; it was born when it was holded that was more reasonable to put the ink directly into the pen.


Vittorio Martini Factory is the living testimony of this evolutionary process: in its collections there is a clear combination between an old style , which is cleverly reinterpreted in a modern key and an innovative with an essential line.



Today as in the past, the company is sustained by professionalism and knowledge , characterized by a deep passion for high-precision manufacturing. It produces playful and functional objects that recall the atmosphere of gone times  by the means of a classic, essential and sometimes severe design. Watching them you realize that they want to tell a story: the story of writing.





Photo by: Geraldina Bellipario

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