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Officina design is a craft project created by Samuel Pascucci and Lucia Ceccoli who realized their dream by opening a studio-workshop that combines the artistic and handicraft workshop with the technical design. Officina design creates unique pieces of furniture using a mix of waste materials and the most sought after materials, offering customers affordable handmade products, designing exclusive and personalized spaces.

officina design

– Where, when, why. Tell us about your first steps into the world of craft and the reasons that induced you to work with your hands.

I approached this world thanks to my family, because my family has been producing prints in Gambettola, so I always had the passion for art and handmade things. I attended the Art Institute of Faenza and then I became an architect, but even while studying architecture I always had the passion for artisanal component.

–  What is the philosophyof the brand? What values​​ would you like to communicate through your collections?

My philosophy is to have objects linked to the home that they can get everyone, without having the costs too high. We are dedicated to the craft, to the ad hoc product, rather than the large scale. So we offer our customers a handicraft linked to their desires.

– A place with its own traditions and its authenticity, can affect the development of an artifact. How much the place where you create your own artifacts influenced your production?

A lot because in our work and in our products there is always the component of reuse and recycling.

– Being craftsman in the twenty-first century: What have you recovered? What have you innovated?

We have recovered the use of materials such as wood and ceramics; what interests us is to go on in the traditions of the material in the strict sense of their virtues. Regarding the innovation of the 2000s, technology helps to experiment and risk. Internet and e-commerce help to keep pace with the time.

– Uniqueness at all costs: are the unique and limited series  synonymous of quality? If so, why?

Yes! if it is well done. I think the unique craft is made by people who have passion for their work, so I think this is an added bonus. Objects do not speak, however, they give the wisdom of who work behind. So sometimes objects made in series have the coldness that, on the contrary, the craft object has not, transmitting heat, even just by touching it with. This is the “hand-made” where the imperfection becomes “perfection.”

– Is there a word, a concept, a metaphor that can represent your business and your work also to enclose the meaning?

“Craftsmanship” in the first place, then I would say “passion” because without it, starting in 2014 would be impossible.




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