TALKING ABOUT CRAFTS: Fabrizio Rocchi of ”Il volo” tells about himself

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TALKING ABOUT CRAFTS: Fabrizio Rocchi of ”Il volo” tells about himself




From his love for the nature and for his land of Etruscan origin, the ceramist Fabrizio Rocchi gives form to unique jewelry in bright colors and most importantly eco-friendly, made from local clay decorated with lead-free enamels.

These jewelleries created with old traditional processing techniques are carefully hand-engraved with motives, always different from one another, resulting to be a mix of antique and modern, communicating to those who observe them the wisdom wraped around them that distinguishes the craftsman.

Efesti interviewed for you Fabrizio Rocchi:  six responses to six questions to talk about craft and of itself.


  • Where, when, why. Tell us about your first steps into the world of crafts and the reasons that induced you to work with your hands.

I was born in a family of potters so since I was a child I used to play with clay and ceramics and this passion remained inside me ever since. I developed it with my own style, and finally transformed it into what is now my job.


  • What is the philosophy of the brand? What values ​​would you like to communicate through your collections?

I would like to convey the uniqueness of craftsmanship with the respect to the materials and their environmental compatibility.


  •  The customs and traditions as well as the unique culture of a place can affect the realization of handmade products. How much the place where you create your own artifacts influenced your production?

I would say very much because the place where we produce our artifacts, Sarteano (SI) is a land of pottery, an Etruscan area.


  • Being craftsman in the twenty-first century: What have you recovered? What have you innovated?

The techniques are definitely the traditional ones while we innovated the use of colors and shapes that is much different from the classical pottery, using primarily natural color pigments from the city of Sienna.


  • Uniqueness at all costs: the unique and limited series are synonymous of quality? If so, why?

Yes, they are synonymous of quality because the precise idea of a craftsman is to create its products with satisfaction and therefore the work should not be repetitive. Such a way of production always manifests a different expression.


  • Is there a word, a concept, a metaphor that can represent your business and your work and that could carry the meaning of them all?

The word that I would say is “earth“, both as a concept of nature and as a starting point of our work that we try to convey through our pieces.




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