Talking of crafts: Elena of Rue…128 tells about herself

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Talking of crafts: Elena of Rue…128 tells about herself


The fashion designer Elena Pastorcich, founder of the brand Rue…128, has made of her passion for accessories and fashion a real job.

Quality, femininity, elegance and creativity are definitely the main characteristics that mark its products “made in Italy”.

They show an accurate selection of materials and use of innovative techniques adapted to processing of leather.

Efesti interviewed for you Elena: six responses to six questions to talk about craft and of itself.




– Where, when, why. Tell us about your first steps into the world of craft and the reasons that induced you to work with your hands.

I like working with your hands always, since I was born … in the sense I cultivate my creativity and passion of drawing since childhood; then, in fact, I attended art school and the fashion school in Florence.

Subsequently, from the point of view business, I abandoned what was on my way – the office style – very limited because I sit at a desk in front of a computer, and I preferred to work in a laboratory of bags.


– What is the philosophyof the brand? What values ​​would you like to communicate through your collections?

I would like to transmit femininity and make women feel who buy and wear my items queens, conveying the idea of luxury and exclusivity.


A place with its own traditions and its authenticity, can affect the development of an artifact. How much the place where you create your own artifacts influenced your production?

I draw inspiration from everything I see and hear.

I travel a lot for work so I draw inspiration from every city and every person that I meet.

More than places, however, are the people inspire me and giving me more and new suggestions.


– Being craftsman in the twenty-first century: What have you recovered? What have you innovated?

I have a tradition of doing, sewing. Today the activity of sewing is increasingly “rare”, while, in the past among women and girls was considered “normal”, in fact it  was part of their everyday life.

The innovative side of my work, however, is the desire to be known, especially via the web or any other device that allows not to stay locked in their own world. I try to open myself as much as possible and be more “marketing”.


– Uniqueness at all costs: are the unique and limited series  synonymous of quality? If so, why?

Definitely the unique piece means quality and exclusivity because it is unique and it can only have a limited number of people.

In my work, I wish people will get used to be able to touch what is really nice, the added value of those who make a product that not only thinks about business, but working with passion.

Then, the single piece has a value more, but I think that the future will also make a special something that will be produced in one or more pieces and more people.


– Is there a word, a concept, a metaphor that can represent your business and your work also to enclose the meaning?

My claim is “create products for women seeking an ally in additional style and femininity.”










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