Talking about crafts: Clizia Ornato tells about herself

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Talking about crafts: Clizia Ornato tells about herself




From memories of her travels Clizia Ornato creates exclusive jewels that are the result of the encounter between different cultures giving it at the same time a contemporary touch.

Clizia’s hands are intelligent and creative, with her collections she allows the viewer to dream and explore different cultural worlds with the power of immagination.

Efesti interviewed for you Clizia Ornato: six responses to six questions to talk about craft and herself.




– Where, when, why. Tell us about your first steps into the world of craft and the reasons that induced you to work with your hands.

The first steps I made around 1998, when I started working for a magazine for furniture and interior decoration, then my interest shifted gradually from interior design to ornaments for people.


– What is the philosophy of the brand? What values ​​would you like to communicate through your collections?

The philosophy is: Made in Italy – the desire to convey the work exclusively handmade and Italian.

Whoever observe my collections can see references to the Italian tradition and to the Japanese one, regarding the Kimono collection. The Filigrana collection, which lace recalls both an ancient East tradition and the Italian one, demonstrates also a contemporary touch that the brand gave to it. To summarize, my philosophy is the ”Made in Italy” as a synonym for “handmade” that brings with itself antique traditions as well as contemporary style.


– A place with its own traditions and its authenticity, can affect the development of an artifact. How much the place where you create your own artifacts influenced your production?

If for place you intend my lab, my creative space, then it affects me a lot, like any place could affect those who live inside it. Such place could be anywhere, but for me it’s Bologna. I live there and I consider this city as the center of the world, because it allows me to travel and move easily to show and offer my collections to the world.


– Being craftsman in the twenty-first century: What have you recovered? What have you innovated?

I recovered the tradition and I have renewed some things such as the contents, the ways images comunicate wth each other,  as well as concepts, forms and the way that ancient craftsmanship is connected to contemporary suggestions.


– Uniqueness at all costs: the unique and limited series are synonymous of quality? If so, why?

Absolutely, because they are the proof of our work. That is just what designers do in life – not beeing industries or machines, they put their own value in their unique piece of art, intended for a person just as unique.


– Is there a word, a concept, a metaphor that can represent your business and your work also to enclose the meaning?

I would say “communication”. Communication as a creative collaboration within objects repositories of meanings, links, sensations that can reach even those who do not buy the object directly.






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