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– Where, when, why. Tell us about your first steps into the world of crafts and the reasons that induced you to work with your hands


The passion for the indipendent printing arises in 2013, when I started to attend classes of graphic design and visual communication at the ISIA of Urbino. There I started learning – and I am still learning – the bases of printing and and edition binding.

At the same time I had a strong interest towards the paper and its decoration. I started then to test old decorative techniques till I began with the paper marbling and the suminagashi. Indeed at the basis of my works there are these two techniques, that initially I experimented, then corrected and refined till I reached the results I offer today with my creations. In detail I create exercise books with manual techniques, ensuring that my creations are as I want them in the every detail: from the paper cut done following the fiber, to the paper rebinding.


– What is the philosophy of the brand? What values​​ would you like to communicate through your products?


The cover is realized with that specific technique I mentioned before, and its is the point of strengh of my creations due that it make them of absolute uniqueness.

What attracts me the most is the procedure that is behind the technique: first of all I make the colours -starting from pigment dust and not from traditional colours – then with these I start working on the water surface in a casual manner and at the end I apply on a page the decoration.

The randomness and the automatism are the basis of my works.


– A place with its own traditions and its authenticity can affect the development of an artifact. How much has the place where you create the bicucles influenced your production?


In a different contest I would have answered: “yes, the place affects the development of the artifact”, but in my case, it is not much the physical place but it is my state of mind. To do what I do, with the several techniques in which I cut and bind hundreds of little book, it is essential to have patience, enthusiasm, precision mechanism, will…


– Being a craftsman in the twenty-first century: what have you recovered from the past? What have you innovate?


I am getting back and at the same time modernize the suminagashi, that is probably the most ancient technique for paper decoring. It is quite ambitious as project, I am still working on it, and I think I will continue to work on it for long time.


– Uniqueness at all costs: are the unique and limited products synonymous of quality? If so, why?


I am sure that the creations’ quality is in the way of working with spirit and enthusiasm, it is not much in the uniqueness; surely it helps, but not every unique object is of quality, and if an object is created in series it does not mean that it has not high quality.


– Is there a word, a concept, a metaphor that can represent your business and your work also to enclose the meaning?


Randomness, automatism, uniqueness… actually I wouldn’t describe myself through a slogan, I would like that who uses my creations describes me, each one in his/her personal way.






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