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Rub & Dub is an atelier founded in the 80s by Dario Quintavalle.

Dario creates customized hats on request for his customers and for theatrical companies, using old millinery techniques with some modern techniques. For him creating a tailored hat is a unique experience, each piece has an intrisic meaning, it gets adapted to the person who wears it and express his or her state of mind.




– Where, when, why. Tell us about your first steps into the world of crafts and the reasons that induced you to work with your hands.


The joy in noticing how a material can be changed and shaped. I have been always attracted by the idea that creating a hat you have to use several natural elements – the hot, the cold, the wind  – and it is necessary to balance strenght and sensitivity.


– What is the philosophy of the brand? What values​​ would you like to communicate through your products?


I think that people wearing one of my creation are able to show and communicate their state of mind through it. The hat often is part of life experience of an individual, he or she may change attitude wearing a hat….everyday we can notice this assisting to a theatrical act.


– A place with its own traditions and its authenticity can affect the development of an artifact. How much has the place where you create the bicucles influenced your production?


As a first step I think that even what you inhale influence yourself!

The creative process takes places in several locations; in a concert hall, at the train station…the atmosphere in my laboratory surely has a major influence in my creations, but also the music at the radio, the hills that I can see from my door and the air I breathe. Since I transferred my laboratory in front of Sasso Marconi hills I feel more free.


– Being a craftsman in the twenty-first century: what have you recovered from the past? What have you innovate?  


I evoked my passion for shaping those materials of high quality, that are perfect for being used in creating a unique hat. Doing this I modernized the hat portability and transformability


– Uniqueness at all costs: are the unique and limited products synonymous of quality? If so, why?


An object created with the only use of the hand in little quantity has an uniqueness that an industrial object is not endowed with.

This typicality  gives more expressiveness to the style that an artisan may want to represent. Furthermore quality means many things. The limited series sometimes have sense only because of the use of particular materials.


– Is there a word, a concept, a metaphor that can represent your business and your work also to enclose the meaning?



Wearing a hat is not only a matter of agreeableness and functionality of the object itself, when someone wears a hat he or she can dream with open eyes.





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