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Efesti presents: Marakita

In the colored world of Marakita there is no space for sadness. Each detail, each colour and warp, reflects the joy, that countersigns the mark been born out of Benendetta Maracchi’s […]

Efesti.com presents: PYLA

PYLA sets her foundations on the creativeness and on to want to give great preciousness to the person, with simple and exciting forms.
Silvia Zoppellari is the founder of the […]

Historic Workshops: the heart of Made in Italy

In the international collective conscious the Italian Fashion Houses are imposed as a synonym of excellence thanks to making clothing and accessories characterized by high-quality, standard that in recent […]

TALKING ABOUT CRAFTS: Fabrizio Rocchi of ”Il volo” tells about himself


From his love for the nature and for his land of Etruscan origin, the ceramist Fabrizio Rocchi gives form to unique jewelry in bright colors and most importantly eco-friendly, made from […]

Talking about crafts: Clizia Ornato tells about herself


From memories of her travels Clizia Ornato creates exclusive jewels that are the result of the encounter between different cultures giving it at the same time a contemporary touch.
Clizia’s hands […]


Fashion and ecosustainability are more and more blending as never before in the last few years. “Green anyway and everywhere” has become an imperative to which no one seems […]