Showroom Efesti Art Makers Store Opening

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Showroom Efesti Art Makers Store Opening

SHOWROOMBANNER, the e-commerce that brings Italian artisanal excellences all over the world, opens his first physical store in Bologna, Collegio di Spagna street, 11/A. In this showroom you can  admire and touch with your own hands uniques and non-reproducible  products, exclusively made in Italy.

Efesti Art Makers Store, represent the place in which you can observe and purchase products born from the union between tradition and innovation. You can also realize customized products for you and your home,  obiuvsly handmade.


Efesti Art Makers Store is no longer only an innovative online reality, now you can feel on your skin all the care for details that Italian artisans put in every single product. Jewellery, leather bags, wooden forniture, marble chairs, steel frameworks, designer lamps, in our showroom you can find different elements and styles. 

IMG-20160519-WA0011 (1)

Every piece of our collection is not only a product. It represent a story, that every artisan has conceived and brought to reality. Each one is realized with high quality materials embellished with passion and experience.


Wednesday, 8th of June 2016 from 6:30 p.m. you are all invited for the inauguration of the Showroom. During the event you can get in touch with the excellences that our country is able to produce.

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