Milan Fashion Week: Spring/Summer 2016 Trends.

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Milan Fashion Week: Spring/Summer 2016 Trends.

Like every year, in June, Milan came to life as never before, accomplices the man fashion week for spring / summer 2016.
A master is by far the same theme that has done much to discuss and talk during the previous autumn / winter fashion week: the gender-free. Are many brands that have proposed for next summer garments with ambiguous gender, suitable for both men and women, going against what is the common stereotype, namely that man has to dress as a man and woman must dress as woman. Certainly a stereotype of socio-cultural origin, which in recent times is losing more and more support, as evidenced by the fashion but also the society itself.
A demonstration of this, is certainly the clothes and materials proposed last week during the Milan fashion week. We start from the lace: certainly a type of fabric and texture typically associated with female gender that Burberry, but also Gucci, Moschino or N° 21, decided to introduce in their shirts, suits and t-shirts.




Also  important inspirations from other countries and cultures, especially China: leaders from the typical eastern form, with textures and exotic prints, as can be seen in Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci.


Many explosions of lush floral: Gucci, Vivienne Westwood have many clothes overflowing with flowers.


It records, finally, a return of denim, as well as shorts and slacks.
A fashion that leaves the man free to choose, as abbot who decide to wear in the coming seasons.

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