Lost & Found. An artisanal brand which peers into the future through looking at the past

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Lost & Found. An artisanal brand which peers into the future through looking at the past

The philosophy of Lost & Found can be found inside an old album that tastes of the past: an album that Ria Dunn, instinctively following a personal fascination, continues feeding throughout the years, satisfying her fetish for memory by building an archive of old oxidised photographs, strings, newspaper cutouts, fabrics, old and yellowed embroidery, feathers, draft sketches, buttons… A sheer display of the object in itself that betrays true sartorial roots.


A pure  epiphany, revealing all those techniques and materials that we thought were lost in one of our many “memory chests”, but that on the contrary we recognise within the traditional, soft, embracing and layered shapes of this young fashion designer’s collection.


Matted cashmere pieces, naturally dyed leather, alpaca weaved in Irish crochet, hand-worked silk and cotton chiffon, but also linen, nappa leather,  hemp. Couture detailing and stitching side by side with fabrics smeared with oil, encrusted and scratched leather: tradition meets innovation.


The past meets the future. A Made in Italy mix ‘n match by Ria Dunn, renowned representative of a new style trend working to  the fathers of that academic and predictable fashion, sole protagonist of the catwalk.





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