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Stratification: three different levels, concealing visions that unexpectedly rise to the surface.  From birds to reptiles, through the crawling insect world and after having dived into the depths of the marine environment. From bizarre ocean creatures to those hiding in the flourishing vegetation of an exuberant jungle. From a tropical night trip to an enchanted wood, to a storm rising from dawn to dusk. Natural, atmospheric, emotional – the landscape becomes more and more architectural, reaching an endless, perspective arcade: plain horror vacui – fear of empty space – in red, green and blue.

Carnovsky RGB_ Fabulous Landscape_Exhibition

The visual worlds of these RGB collections leave no room for emptiness. They are boiling, superimposed magma, fed by chromatic impulse, rising to the surface and solidifying elemental chaos in continuous, vibrating metamorphosis, opulently oversaturated.

Carnovsky RGB_ Fabulous Landscape_2_Exhibition


The project came to life in 2010 and is persisting by weaving itself into the interstice between art and design. Created by the young minds of the Carnovsky duo – Francesco Rugi e Silvia Quintanilla – and presented for the first time at the Wallpaper Factory exhibition in the shape of an iridescent wallpaper, with a personality that lies in being able to change its image according to the colour of the light projected upon it. A way of interacting with spaces and their occupiers. A living fresco, shifting continuously, projecting dream-like, chaotic visions when exposed to white light. But if you change this light to red, green or blue, three different worlds take shape.

Carnovsky RGB_Fabulous Landscape_3_Exhibition

The creatures that inhabit these worlds fluctuate between fantasy and hyper-realism, borrowed from ancient Medieval bestiaries or from XVIII and XIX Century popular engravings, brought back to life outside of their historical context by an alchemic medley – because the nature of RGB is to adhere to the very substance of things, adapting to them, mutating with them.

Carnovsky RGB_Jaguarshoes_Exhibition

And the result is that you can come across this artwork just as easily in the rooms of a XIX Century palace, headquarters of the Adolfo Pini Foundation, as within the walls of a house, or in the silk print of a scarf, or on the cover of a smartphone.

Carnovsky RGB_Jungla_Wallpaper_1

Carnovsky RGB_Rosone n.3_black_Wallpaper

Carnovsky RGB_Z Bestiario n.1_Scarf


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