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The diligence in supporting the arts has always been, and still is, crucial for the flourishing of new talent and the enrichment of the artistic heritage of a country: a practice, the one of patronage, which in Italy is perpetuated by immemorial time, as evidenced by the term derived from the name of Galio Clinio Maecenas, the distinguished artists’ patron lived in Augustan Rome. If the patrons of yesterday, however, supported the artists in order to gain prestige and grandeur from their works, the patrons of today don’t research only a return of image, but they’re also determined to expand the possibilities of young talents’ affirmation in creative crafts, from art to fashion. The “Gaius Clinio Maecenas of today” is, in fact, represented by government agencies, banks and fashion houses that, constituting themselves as art’s foundation, allocate part of their assets in favor of artistic and cultural initiatives of high level. And precisely the art foundations of the fashion houses are the ones that have stood out, in the last decade, as the cradle of the new art generation as evidenced by the growing number of projects that have their signature.

Fondazione Furla

An authoritative example of how an art foundation of a fashion house can make a contribution in the growth of the young made-​​in –Italy art,  is represented by Furla Art Award : born in 2000 from the collaboration between Foundation Furla , the Foundation Querini Stampalia in Venice, the Fondazione Carisbo and MAMbo (Museum of Modern Art of Bologna) and curated by Chiara Bertola, it  is designed to give visibility, enhance and support to the emerging Italian artists, providing them a window on the square of contemporary creativity. A real growth’s opportunity, as evidenced by the various expositive possibilities that will feature them as protagonists in the next approaching  year. Beyond the ability to complete the proposed art project and expose it at the Fondazione Querini Stampalia in conjunction with the 56. Venice Biennale of Visual Arts , the winning work will be exposed at the Palazzo Reale in Milan on the occasion of the retrospective for the tenth anniversary of the Furla Award (from March 5 to April 12, 2015) and in the next edition of the Miart fair (9-12 April 2015 ).

Nude Prize



An award that, year after year, returns the multiplicity of languages ​​of contemporary art : from video to photography, from painting to installations, from performance to sculpture. For each edition, then , there is a different graphic image, created, time after time, by an international artist, who becomes, with its contribution, sponsor of the prize. For the edition of this year, the proposal is the image “The Nude Prize ” by Vanessa Beecroft. With the representation of a shaky and fragile figure of a squatted woman and the term “Nude” (naked) , Beecroft alludes to a different concept from “Nakedness” (nudity) , contextualizing the human body in art history and prompting artists to go beyond the surface appearance in search of the true identity of the human body. Among the five finalists of “2015 Edition”, the winning artists are Maria Iorio and Raphaël Cuomo, whose victory was motivated by the jury with the following words: “The work chosen creates a bridge between history and the most relevant present instances in Europe and in the world. It explores issues such as migration (immigration emigration) , archival practices in museums,  memory and the cultural construction of this time , counterbalancing the way they are usually treated in the media society and by introducing new perspectives.”


(Maria Iorio e Raphaël Cuomo)

With these words, the jury explained its difficult choice. Cuomo and Iorio ,however, are not the only artists to be honored on this occasion. Vanessa Beecroft wanted to give a “special prize” to another of the finalists in the competition, Gian Maria Tosatti, who will have the unique opportunity to have a period of residence at the Vanessa Beecroft’s atelier, in Los Angeles. So, the appointment that art lovers can’t miss is for March 2015 with the retrospective “2000 – 2015 Furla Award” at Palazzo Reale in Milan , which will exhibit the works of the winner artists of the ten editions: Sislej Xhafa, Lara Favaretto, Sissi, Massimo Grimaldi, Piero Roccasalva, Luca Trevisani, Alberto Tadiello, Matteo Rubbi, Chiara Fumai and, finally, Maria Iorio and Raphael Cuomo.

premio 2007 (2)

(Furla Art Award 2007-Luca Trevisani)


(Furla Art Award 2008-Alberto Tadiello)


(Furla Art Award 2013-Chiara Fumai)

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