Efesti suggests: “Un palazzo e la città” at Ferragamo museum

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Efesti suggests: “Un palazzo e la città” at Ferragamo museum

A new exhibition at the Museo Ferragamo – from the 8th of May to the next 3rd of April 2016 –  reopens its doors to celebrate the building that houses it, and tell the stories of those who has helped for centuries to make this building an icon of Florence and of italian character. We are obviously talking about Palazzo Speroni Spini and the exhibition in question is “Il Palazzo e la città”.




It was 1865 when the building was chosen as the seat of the Municipality of Florence, when the city became the capital of the Italy’s kingdom. Today, a century and a half away, the fashion house has chosen to dedicate its customary annual exhibition to this building exposing 250 works that give voice to the events that have occurred in it over the centuries. The exhibition in fact – by Stefania Ricci and Riccardo Spinelli, assisted by Maurizio Balo who signed the construction – opens with a reflection on the yesterday italian creative, hosting in this medieval setting books, works of art, paintings, sculptures, documents, photographs and films from national and international loans in order to rebuild anecdotes and stories of those who hosted. A palace turned also in a business museum, ” thought of as a real business tool, capable of transmitting and interpreting the material and immaterial values ​​of the brand. [ … ] An international brand that can not only tell himself but must include new stories. ”  It is with these words that Stefania Ricci, in an interview with The Journal of the foundation, explained the dialectic between the company museum, the exhibitions and the Ferragamo company, one of the first fashion houses to have understood the power of culture like a means to convey the company’s values​​.

The exposure signed by Ferragamo is coming: Efesti will be in the inauguration and will take notes to tell you about it in the coming weeks.

And you ‘ll be there? Efesti recommend it!



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