Efesti suggests: “ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO: botteghe artigiane e loro committenze”

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Efesti suggests: “ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO: botteghe artigiane e loro committenze”

From May 14 to 17, the Garden Corsini in Florence, will host the XXI edition of “ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO: botteghe artigiane e loro committenze” show that will host 90 of the most talented and skilled Florentine, Italian and European craftmens, which will directly brings from their workshops techniques, style and products that visitors can see with their own eyes in the various laboratories created ad hoc in the garden and in the lemon groves.




The main objective? Revive the figure of the “modern” craftmen and his work, bringing to our everyday what are its typical techniques, just as they did long ago when the workshop, animated by the client of each census, was developed around the palace in contact with citizens and their daily lives.




Efesti will takes part at the event, selected by “BLOGS & CRAFTS: igiovani artigiani e il web“, contest organized – in collaboration with the Ferragamo Foundation – from Arte e Palazzo who chose the 10 best craftsmen under 35 who show their own works and 10 bloggers who will document their work and all that will happen in the show.

We wait and we invite you to participate and, if you fail just, you can follow us on our social channels and read in our magazine all the implications and the news of the show.


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