Efesti presents: J&V 1965

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J&V 1965

Efesti presents: J&V 1965

J&V 1965 makes creams, serums, masks and more using ingredients completely naturals, certified and biocompatible.

In their products there are ingredients as oil, plants and fruits essences. Each element has particular own goodness.

The brand created different cream lines to meet the needs of all the customers.

All the J&V 1965 products, however, have a common ingredient, the Golden Collagenine. This element stimulates the collagen production. It makes the skin softer and more flexible.

The other ingredients are carefully selected to gain specigfied responses from the skin.

J&V 1965 creme


Some ingredients used are:

  • Artichoke essence: sebum-regulator
  • Chamomile: diaper
  • Coconut Oil: protective
  • Aloe Essence: moisturizer
  • Honey: nutritious



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