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Fashion and ecosustainability are more and more blending as never before in the last few years. “Green anyway and everywhere” has become an imperative to which no one seems want to back out off, but it is not yet clear if the one shown by the fashion world should be interpreted as a real interest for the environment and the planet’s future, or if the eco-fashion is simply a “cool” trend to embrace to be à la page. What is certain is that the textile industry contributes to polluting the planet in a consistent manner with an environmental impact that is not very different from the one of the steel factories.
Also realizing ecofriendly products that could be appreciated isn’t easy, but when you turn out, success is assured: products which, unlike those industrial and mass-produced, are unique for the often used craft techniques and the research that supports them.


bauletto  arancio

rosa 2

verde 1



VITUSSI’s chest bags are an example of that, made in workshops in Palermo joining brass blades and prickly pear made into fiber – to be presented in Milan during the last edition of Super has attracted a lot of interest between the press and the insiders – also the GERLA’s jewelry are entirely made from recycled materials mechanics.


anello 1

The made in Italy is a guarantee, but if it’s combined with asustainable approach and the hand-made manufactury it’s even more.The customer, in fact, will not become possessor of a simple product, but of a manufactured article capable of transmitting those emotions and those values that only this type of good can be bearer.






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