Eco-Fashion: the fashion that respects the planet.

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Eco-Fashion: the fashion that respects the planet.

It’s for the past several years that we are witnessing a widespread distribution of a thought and a lifestyle aimed at respect for nature and the planet. Sustainable, recycled, organic, eco-friendly, these are the adjectives usually associated with a thought that not only affects the way of life in the strict sense, but defiles himself many fields of culture: from architecture to art, from food to sports. It is about fashion, though, that we will refer in this analysis.




Eco-friendly fashion, eco-solidarity, even bio and veg, here are some of the terms that has long characterized the increasingly international fashion environment. Not only aims the recycling of materials (plant fibers from the old fishing nets), but also on the use of biological tissue or low environmental impact, which are tracked at every stage of their work.




And it is this new trend that the major fashion houses are turning attention. Gucci, for example, has introduced a new line of bags which you can verify the source of the materials, from leather to bamboo, obtained in a way that respects the environment. But also Vivienne Westwood, that with its line “Ethical Fashion Africa” ​​has used only recycled materials. Another example can be Freitag, famous brand that creates bags and accessories by recycling and transforming, or as they say “reframing” the old trucks covers.






However, not only the big fashion brands support this cause: too ASOS and H&M, the reality of fast fashion, have introduced biological materials and dedicated lines, directed to respect the environment and people.

Of course, talking about sustainability, we can’t forget the materials of animal origin such as wool, silk, leather, leather and fur. There are, in fact, a growing number of brands that share a type of an “animal free” thought, face to the respect and protection of animals. An example? Stella McCartney does not use any type of skin or animal fur and also for fabrics, such as wool, she checks that there has been exploitation and mistreatment of the animal.




We can therefore say that there are many realities emerging in the fashion world who carry out a thought of an alternative fashion, a different fashion than that not only thinks about luxury or wealth but also to the environment and to the respect for the planet.


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