Creating bags assembling feelings

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Creating bags assembling feelings

In Bologna, under the charming portico that connects Porta Saragoza’s Arch di Meloncello and leading up to the Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca, there is a place where  accessories are assembled trying to translate the wishes of those who cross the threshold. It’s the workshop of Marco Ferriani – also known as “The Pickpocket” – a craftsman who creates bags that put together the emotions of his clients who inspire and guide him in the process of shaping the unique artifacts. With a particular attention to the detail all the bags are realized with the best materials.


Produced on commission or in small limited editions, the bags are striking for the refinement and the quality that dialogue with the comfort. However, they’re never missing on functionality and never to be considered as mere object containers.


The collection that Efesti proposes is composed of shopping bags – light and capacious, but at the same time characterized by a rich variety of fabrics, textures and shades. Raffia, canvas textile, damask, inserts in leather and metal details are particular characteristics of the Il Borsaiolo’s bags.  The soft colors like mustard and sand, the shades of orange and electric blue and their combinations, make each model unique.




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