Efesti presents: Alperubra

Alperubra project originated from the creativity of Maurizio Bresesti, a passionate carpenter who can be described as a real Artisan 2.0: his creations stand for a meeting point between […]


Efesti presents: Art&Legno

Art&Legno is a new excellence that joins Craftsmanship, innovation and respect for the environment are just some of the qualities of this brand. Every day, many craftsmen manually […]

J&V 1965

Efesti presents: J&V 1965

J&V 1965 makes creams, serums, masks and more using ingredients completely naturals, certified and biocompatible.
In their products there are ingredients as oil, plants and fruits essences. Each element has particular […]

Efesti presents: Marakita

In the colored world of Marakita there is no space for sadness. Each detail, each colour and warp, reflects the joy, that countersigns the mark been born out of Benendetta Maracchi’s […]

Efesti presents: Ma-nifattura

Nicoletta Mainardi is the founder of the brand ” Ma-nifattura ”. She is the creator of these romantic, female and cheerful suits.
After having gained experience in the fashionfield for different years, Nicoletta […] presents: Camisa 11 Design

An innovative way to create pieces of forniture by Camisa 11. The new brand on is original because it uses different materials comparated with what commonly are used for chairs, […] presents: PYLA

PYLA sets her foundations on the creativeness and on to want to give great preciousness to the person, with simple and exciting forms.
Silvia Zoppellari is the founder of the […]

Efesti suggests: Inchiostro festival: illustrators, calligraphers and printers


Will be held this weekend (June 6 to 7), the third edition of “Inchiostro festival: illustrators, calligraphers and printers”, inserted in the splendid setting of the Cloister of Santa […]


This edition, directed by Okwui Enwezor, chaired by Paolo Baratta and organized by the Biennale di Venezia which celebrates 120 years old (1895), has set as its objective of […]

Men’s Trend 2015: Between New Dandy and Gender-Free

What are the latest trends in men’s fashion? If some of them can be read in the light of Roland Barthes and his writings about dandyism, for the other […]

Back to the bicycle: how a lifestyle gives birth to a mass trend

1992. San Francisco holds “Critical Mass”: the first bicycle gathering designed to invade the streets normally congested by car traffic. The aim is to make people more think about […]


For the first time an exhibition celebrates the excellence of Made in Italy, in Italy. For the occasion, the curators Maria Luisa Frisa, Anna Mattirolo and Stefano Tonchi have […]

Talking of crafts: Franca of Metallina tells about herself

Metallina contemporary jewellery is the brand created by Franca Bonazza. Designed by herself, these precious stone are all unique pieces handmade realized, thanks to the use of different materials. […]


Fashion and ecosustainability are more and more blending as never before in the last few years. “Green anyway and everywhere” has become an imperative to which no one seems […]

THE WRITING ART : innovation marries tradition

The Old Factory Vittorio Martini is a workshop specialized in the production of high precision instruments for drawing and calculating. Combining innovation and tradition , it produces unconventional objects […]

Leather artisans

The profession of leather artisan doesn’t know what “crisis” means. Big brands such as Bottega Veneta, Fendi and Gucci have always put their haute de gamme products into the expert hands […]

“Kartell is served!” A bridge between kitchen and design.

Just over forty years have passed since the first collection of tableware signed by Kartell. The new collections have just been presented at the Fuori Salone 2014, during a […]


Two sprays of water, one black and one transparent, smash against a naked body. Here is Splash! An onomatopoeic transcription of a sound that becomes symbol of the birth of a […]