Author - Elisabetta

J&V 1965

Efesti presents: J&V 1965

J&V 1965 makes creams, serums, masks and more using ingredients completely naturals, certified and biocompatible.
In their products there are ingredients as oil, plants and fruits essences. Each element has particular […]

Efesti presents: Marakita

In the colored world of Marakita there is no space for sadness. Each detail, each colour and warp, reflects the joy, that countersigns the mark been born out of Benendetta Maracchi’s […]

Efesti presents: Ma-nifattura

Nicoletta Mainardi is the founder of the brand ” Ma-nifattura ”. She is the creator of these romantic, female and cheerful suits.
After having gained experience in the fashionfield for different years, Nicoletta […] presents: Camisa 11 Design

An innovative way to create pieces of forniture by Camisa 11. The new brand on is original because it uses different materials comparated with what commonly are used for chairs, […] presents: PYLA

PYLA sets her foundations on the creativeness and on to want to give great preciousness to the person, with simple and exciting forms.
Silvia Zoppellari is the founder of the […]