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“Craftsmanship and digital fabrication” is the topic of the twelfth edition of “Scenari di Innovazione”.


Use digital potentialities and  implementations  – 2D advanced printing, 3D advanced producing, 3D scanner, laser cutter, electronics – to incentivize the spread of innovative methods and products among artistic and traditional sector of the firm. The design is going to be the principle of this edition, with the aim of moving up and understanding changes of living; understanding new behaviors and manufacturing methods, technologies and materials, inflecting them in creative visions for the Tuscan artistic industry.


“Scenari di Innovazione” is a project/contest made in Tuscany, that connects main players of the Tuscan artistic craftsmanship world,  supplying a meeting opportunity and the development of synergies between  firm, education world such as High Schools and University  with artistic orientation and young designers.





The distinctive feature of the project is the chance of building a basin for growing up young designers, developped about characteristics and needs of the artisan sector of firms. At the same time a challenge: to train Tuscan productions for faceing the competition and reference markets requests.


On November the  30th 2015, at Artex’s headquarters in  S.Botticelli Street, number 9/R, in Florence, will be presented  general creative orientations of the contest: artisans’ firms are going to show their productive bearing, business philosophy, used materials, specific briefs which, within themes of the contest, I would like to develop in particular products and/or collections.

Best projects are going to be rewarded and could give life to prototypes, products and collections.

An unmissable occasion, with totally free participation.

All the informations at the contest page►


The initiative is open for Italian and foreign Universities,  for recently graduated,  for designers under 35,  for Italian Artistic Hgh Schools and it’s supported  by Tuscany region, in cooperation with “Confartigianato Imprese Toscana” and “CNA Toscana” and managed  by Artex, Tuscany Artistic and Traditionals Craftsmanship Center.

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